How Owner Operators Get Paid

Dispatch Service for Owner Operators

At YMG Dispatch Services, our customer service work intelligently to get you loaded while handling all paperwork and getting you paid. 


What We Need From You

  • Must have a trailer Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed or Power-Only.
  • Must have an active authority and in good standing.
  • Must have a Valid Bank Account, Zelle, CashApp, Factory Company or Paypal account for our service charge.

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Why YMG Dispatch Services?

  1. We are confident we can beat your current dispatcher in load rates.
  2. You can leave anytime you want - no contract.
  3. No hidden fees.
  4. You only pay for loads you complete.
  5. We have loads for all equipment types.
  6. We find loads all over the United States.
  7. You pick where and when you want to run.
  8. You decide how long you stay on the road.
  9. We do all your paperwork, you focus on driving.

How does YMG Dispatch Service work?

1.   You tell us where and when you want to run.
2.   We inform you about your options.
3.   You choose the load.
4.   We book it and send you the rate confirmation.
5.   Shipper loads freight on your truck.
6.   We provide you with complete routing.
7.   You deliver the load.
8.   Take a good photo of a signed proof of delivery (POD) and send it to us
9.   We do your paperwork.
10. You get paid.

         How You Get  Paid:

  1. Factoring company, Broker Quick Pay, or Wait on Invoices.
  2. No Contracts, No Forced Loads.
  3. No Paperwork
  4. We handle all of the paperwork
  5. (Carrier setups, Rate confirmations and Invoicing).
  6. You focus just on  driving.

        How We Get  Paid:

  1.  Paypal
  2. Zelle
  3. Factoring Company (optional)
  4. Bank Deposit.

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