New services available: end-to-end logistics

  • New services available: end-to-end logistics

    New services available: end-to-end logistics

    End to End Logistics

    Logistics is only one activity in the end-to-end process of supply chain management.

    End to End logistics includes everything from from pick & pack until final delivery.

    From managing the entire fleet, warehouses and depots to monitoring and optimization of the supply chain, some companies offer retailers a complete end-to-end logistics package.

    Other companies even offer add-on services like order fulfillment, handling customer care and value added services like repacking containerized goods into smaller units.

    The role of trucking in last mile fulfillment is invaluable but the entire supply chain working in sync to deliver goods on time and on schedule, should also be recognized.

    Often regarded as the last frontier in the supply chain, the last mile has been a tough nut to crack for retailers, both big and small:

    They seem to get everything else right until a delivery problem rears its head. Smart business have gotten round this by retaining the services of order fulfillment companies. These companies specialize in making sure your last mile logistics are as smooth as possible.

    Whether it’s inventory tagging, value added services or customer care, these companies are capable of handling all supply chain scenarios.

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